Chorus & Clouds is your community. This is a space for you and your child to explore, to take part in fun classes and enriching activities, and to make new friends. It’s a space children love to come to, a space where they feel safe and loved.

One tenet of the Reggio Emilia philosophy is that the environment is a child’s third teacher (after parent and teacher). That’s why great care was taken in the creation of this space to make it not only warm and inviting, but also…beautiful! Chorus & Clouds is an inspiring environment that will encourage you and your child to explore together.

The classes offered in this space facilitate natural learning opportunities and spark imagination. The activities offer families new ways to establish strong connections and to interact. A strong emphasis is placed on music as a way to inspire children, to build their confidence, and to open the door to deeper learning experiences.

With the opening of Chorus & Clouds, I hope to be an advocate for change in the way we see this critical period in children’s lives—as a time to encourage and celebrate each child, giving them the time, space and inspiring environment they need to flourish. I hope you’ll join us and see what it’s all about!

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I’m an Early Childhood Educator motivated to provide meaningful experiences to the youngest members of our community, to connect with children on their level, to respond to their needs, and to respect their individual nature. I’m dedicated to bringing back what childhood is all about: exploration, guidance, growth and the celebration of small victories. My approach is deeply Reggio Emilia inspired, which stresses the recognition of every child’s strengths and potential and values free and creative expression. Children are encouraged to be active participants in their community.

For over ten years, I’ve been putting these ideals to practice. My passion for working with children, especially through music, has taken many forms, from educational assistant at the Mackay Centre in Montreal, to teacher’s aid in Vancouver, to early childhood educator for UBC Childcare Services. In 2013, I received my Early Childhood Education diploma from Langara College. 



My vision is to provide opportunities for students to be creative, collaborative and pursue their interests while building the strong foundational skills that will allow them to develop their abilities and successfully express themselves.

With over 25 years of experience teaching music and art, from preschool to post-secondary, I am able to draw on a wide variety of experience for each project or class. I have taught at several community centres and schools in Vancouver and enjoy facilitating classes that encourage experiencing the arts as a form of personal expression. These activities give children additional tools to further their social-emotional development, problem-solving abilities and self-confidence.

In additional to teaching, I am the mother of two wonderful teenage girls who are delighting me with the people they are becoming! I love being outside, whether at the beach or snowshoeing and volunteer rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals.



I have found that it is when I am with children, that I find a happiness that I can not find anywhere else. Being with them gives me the opportunity to see the world through their eyes, dance like no one is watching, fearlessly create, play with unlimited imagination and fall in love with the world we're in over and over again. Their curiosity and hunger to feed that wonder drives me as an educator to provide them with the necessary tools to help build their understanding, through materials, the environment, language and play.

 I received my BA in Arts from UBC and my Early Childhood Education certificate from the Burnaby Board of Education. I have worked at several different childcare centers, gaining experience and learning various methods and philosophies. From my studies and experience, I have adopted the Reggio Emilia approach, as I believe the most rich and exciting learning begins with the child, and it is our job to observe and catch those moments where they display their curiosities and help them grow.

I became a mother in 2018 to the child of my dreams! She is everything I dreamed of and more. She amazes me each and every day and constantly reminds me to throw my expectations out the door. I began taking her to Chorus & Clouds towards the end of that year and was so grateful for a place that was so attentive and nurturing. And now, I am ever so thankful and excited to be part of this amazing team and wonderful community!



 I love watching young friends explore and wonder at the beautifully ordinary things of everyday life. It encourages me to continually remain curious. I am honoured by the opportunity of facilitating learning experiences for children as they grow, develop, create, and explore.  Material exploration in a dynamic and communal setting nurtures growth in empathy and self-confidence. These young children learn new skills while learning more of just how capable they are! 

I received a BFA from Emily Carr University and currently am working towards my MA in Art Education. Over the years of working with children, I am excited by just how much there is to learn from them while watching the way they intuitively explore with materials. I see the learning space as a collaborative place where I can offer my findings from my own painting practice and art education background while also responding to the discoveries made by students. I can’t wait to teach, collaborate with and learn from your little loved ones!