Light table exploration.

  Music time with friends! !

Music time with friends!!

Want to see what's happening at Chorus & Clouds? Come join our NEW Friday afternoon drop in class for music, art and play! For those families who would like to drop in or who have missed out on our registration this class is for you.  Friday afternoon classes are designed for families with children ages 0-5 and drop-in is $17. Class will begin at 3:30PM and ends at 4:30PM. We typically begin with a gathering circle which may involve music making or a book reading.  We then move into the art making activity. Younger learners may spend less time with the art experience where they are then welcome to engage in the other discovery centres. Art experiences will be open-ended and process based so as to remain age appropriate for all learners in the studio.   


*Parent Participated Class

*Class begins 3:30-4:30PM(suggested arrival time 3:15PM)

*All materials are non-toxic

*Be prepared to get messy!

*This class is NOT bookable, just drop in! *limited spaces available