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Raising with Resilience: Supporting Children with Anxiety

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Candice has been an elementary school teacher for over ten years and has extensive experience teaching, coaching, and counselling children of all ages. She holds two bachelor degrees in arts and education, and a Master of Education in School Counselling. Candice is passionate about helping children manage their social and emotional needs, building self-confidence, and supporting children with anxiety and depression. 


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Danielle has worked with children in a variety of capacities: as a childcare provider, an elementary school teacher, an early childhood educator in daycare settings, a mother, and now as an instructor at Chorus and Clouds! She believes in the capacity of children to express themselves in a multitude of ways and the importance of empowering young minds to engage with the world with confidence, open-mindedness, and grace.  



With decades of experience working with children and a long history of teaching together, Candice and Danielle would like to invite you to an engaging and interactive evening to build an understanding of how we, as adults, can help support children with anxiety. Throughout the workshop we will unpack the potential causes of anxiety in the life of a child, the ways that these experiences might present themselves, and how children may show us that they are feeling anxious. We will also offer concrete examples of how we can support children to build confidence and balance early in life to set a healthy foundation for the years to come! 

Earlier Event: December 7