The new semester begins the week of May 2nd! Registration opens June 1st 8AM for July/August Registration opens June 1st 8AM for July/August. We are closed Monday May 23 for Victoria Day.


What are Chorus & Clouds COVID-19 precautions?

Our studio will always align itself with what the PHO and Government recommendations are.  Currently we strongly recommend wearing face masks, however it is a personal choice for all.  Vaccine passports will be checked until April 8th 2022.  We ensure the space is clean and materials used are always fresh for the class.  
What are the classes like? 

Please visit our class pages for a fuller description of what our classes might look like for your child and you. 
 Are classes refundable?
We do our very best to accommodate families and their needs. However, once you've booked into a class we do not offer a refund. Unless we can fill your spot.  There is no guarantee we will be able to do so. Of course there are special circumstances that we are happy to hear about.  Just connect with us by phone or via email.
What are your registration dates?
December 1st 8AM for January/February semester
February 1st 8AM for March/April  semester
April 1st 8AM for the May/June semester
June 1st 8AM for the July/August semester
August 1st 8AM for the September/October semester
October 1st 8AM for the November/December semester
*We are open all year with only a few holiday closures*
Why do our classes sell out so fast? 

Because our community of families love us a lot! Thank you for that. And those wonderful families tell other really lovely families and so spaces are limited and fill up quickly.
Why did my registration not work even if I had a class purchased in my cart at checkout?

Well friends, technology is sometimes frustrating. And so-just like when you try to get the last ticket to that Beyonce may sell out too fast before it was yours. Sorry. We can only do so much.
Do you do drop ins for weekly classes? 

Not at the moment. Keeping it small and cozy.
Do you have any drop in classes? 

YES!  Saturday family class 10:30AM for 45-60 minutes. Please check out the class page.
Do you do birthday parties? 

NO. Not anymore. Sometimes we do private music performances based on availability.  We could offer 30-45 minutes of live music with an abundance of beautiful music props and instruments to share with the guests.