The new semester begins the week of May 2nd! Registration opens June 1st 8AM for July/August Registration opens June 1st 8AM for July/August. We are closed Monday May 23 for Victoria Day.

Project Love Run x Chorus

Project Love Run was born because when it was noticed that self-identifying womxn needed a safe space to meet others, move their body in an inclusive environment *and* have a safe space to talk about matters of the heart.

Knowing what running had done for Filsan(Founder of PLR), she wanted to make it as accessible and inclusive for everyone (which typically, isn’t always the case in a world where we’re more focused on performance than how we feel).

Enter the perfect recipe: a monthly run-to-brunch with a theme for our conversations, no matter how experienced a runner you are.

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Because while the ultimate goal is to help womxn show up and be themselves, we also know that it’s *so* much easier when you don’t have to do it all alone.

Join Filsan and friends for monthly runs out of the Chorus local and also keep posted on our evening gatherings scheduled for May, June and July.  


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